Located in Houston, Texas, Camp Logan Cement Works, Inc. has been a manufacturer of precast step treads and other concrete products since 1923.

Camp Logan Cement Works was named after a World War I training camp in what is now Memorial Park. Camp Logan Cement Works was located down the road about three or four blocks. The company continued to make precast products through the Great Depression and both world wars.

Camp Logan Cement Works first introduced precast step treads in 1952. They were an immediate success and began to make a name for themselves in the Houston area. As we grew, we began to ship all over Texas. Camp Logan Cement Works is now one of the largest producers of precast step treads in the United States and has shipped step treads to over thirty states. The service and quality of our precast cement steps are unmatched. We have over forty years of experience in the step tread industry and our treads are tested by an independent laboratory on a weekly basis to ensure strength and quality.

  Camp Logan Brochure
Do not apply salt or any type of chloride product on our precast concrete steps to melt ice. Salt will rapidly deteriorate the step, which could result in injury and will void the warranty.